Welcome to TechMatic

Techmatic is a renowned institute in UK known for maintaining its quality standards. With core training focused on Networking, Project Management, Databases, Data warehousing, SAP business management, Development and Programming, Techmatic, at the same time tailors the desired training looking at your ease.

Our courses are designed in a way that helps to develop not only the right skills but also allows to choose when, how and where you want the training with our flexible learning program’s being delivered both on-site and online.

Techmatic primarily focuses on getting you a job. Unlike other training institutes which just focus on teaching the course, Techmatic believes in getting a job for its clients once the course is done. To ensure our policy, Techmatic does not charge clients full course fee straight away, rather, ‘Pay when you earn’ is what it believes in.

Being highly equipped with the latest equipment, Techmatic allows you to train with hands on the latest equipment through which your learning skills along with practical skills will polish at a rapid pace.

Techmatic Training Traditional Training
Fast track course completion – At Techmatic we offer fast track course learning. Fast learning focuses on completing the course at a rapid pace. Microsoft MCSA course – having three exams –takes eight days and taken in one sitting. Considering the MCSA course, it is actually a separate three five-day course for each exam and taken in three sitting.
Course being taught with real-world examples and problems. Students being taught only the information included in the course outline.
Certification guarantee – In case students fails the course, Techmatic allows to re-take the course for free. Student has to only cover the exam and accommodation cost. On failing the course, the student has to pay for course again. If the instructor has changed over time, a student might not be able to discuss exam problems.
Course run 12 hours a day, seven days a week.Weeks may as well be included to minimize the time out of work. Courses run for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The working hours may have a long lunch and an early finish thrown in.
Techmatic Labs available 24-hours a day. Student have access to it anytime they want. Job guarantee – Unlike traditional training, Techmatic guarantees a job. Training equipment available only between 9am – 5pm. Students cannot access it after that. No job guarantee. You are a student, job is in your hands.
Course payment – Techmatic ask you pay 10-20% initially. The remaining you pay after we get you the job. You have to pay your course fee at the start – Full front payment.